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Knudson's Ice Creamery +Flash banner & Video
Elio's Family Restaurant & Banquets
Cesario's Fine Foods
Sutter Pub & Restaurant
Piraat Pizzeria & Rotisserie
Last Drop Tavern
Roxanne Cafe
JP's Family Restaurant & Sports Lounge
Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene + Video 
Diversified Mobile Smiles - Built by client +Flash Banner
Judea Eden Band +Flash Banner
Achilleas Poulos
Pride Planner
Golden Scalers

One page 
NobHill Dining

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Welcome to Super Genius Websites dot com (SuperG or SGW) Old enough to be established 31+ years and have hundreds of satisfied clients, young enough to keep up with the latest and greatest dot what ever, blah, blah, blah. Dumb enough not to charge a lot for the professionals that stay awake 24/7 to walk you through building your Super Genius Website when you have questions ...for free. Annnnnnd, we made it easy & cheap enough to have your kid help you get started and pay for it with their allowance.  

What makes Super Genius Websites so "SuperGenius"? Because you get to make it yourself or we do and you maintain it yourself at will and you have a seasoned expert in multimedia, marketing and social media to give you guidance.   

Businesses are tired of pay a lot of money to 'web masters' to create a website and then always be at their mercy when they need it to changed. We " Video Film Multimedia" are media experts and can do the over all design of your website customizing temples and filling in all the necessary parts to make your site complete. Then we give you the keys and give you a little boot camp training to keep it optimized and how to change it. Call us for a quote to build yours. 

Next, you can call 24/7 for free to tech support for help. If you still don't understand, you still have us to call on. Our ultimate goal would to someday do photos or videos for you. Your success, is our success. I have so many clients who have nightmeare stories about webmasters. I've been in business 29 years for a reason.  

Our pricing is competitive with any and all pricing for website hosting. That one phone call to a media expert is worth the investment in building your website with us. REAL support, REAL people 24/7 (that WANT to TALK to you)that are Americans and speak clear English. 
Fan our facebook to keep us close and to see all the great services that can be attached to your website. is a division of our Mother Bear Company''. [click on me to find out more] When you want us to do the master design and you maintain it or us. We're here to do it for you and rocket launch you into success. Of course we're not nearly as cheap as self-serve, but we're good. Maybe you need a TV commercial to advertise your site? Below is a link to the mother company''.



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